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Apostle Islands Camping Trips

Overnight Kayaking Trips

A “playground” for historians, paddling-enthusiasts, and beach-lovers alike! These Apostle Island kayak trips boast of old brownstone lighthouses, remote sandy beaches, and plenty of islands to explore! This will be an Apostle Islands kayaking trip you will never forget.

Kayak and camp the Apostle Islands with us! This is one of the most popular sea kayak destinations of the world! Camp on islands, explore sandstone sea caves, hike trails, visit former brownstone quarries, lighthouses, and former fishing camps. There are numerous options available depending on the size, interests, and ambitions of your group. We’ll often customize the trip to fit what works best for you, or if you’re on your own, we’ll try to find you a group.  


Even if your group is only 2, we’ll often set something up to fit your schedule & goals. If other like-minded people later desire the same trip, & same time, we’ll often add them. We find various people coming together on our trips creates a relational environment that enriches the experience!


Typically, after paddling instructions and packing our kayaks, we’ll leave from Little Sand Bay and paddle 2 hours to Sand Island. This wonderful island has nice campsites with sandy beaches, great sea caves, a cool lighthouse that often offers tours, and some nice hiking. Depending on the length of the trip, we’ll visit and stay on York or Oak, with a visit to Raspberry. Trips longer than 2-3 days can be planned to other more distant islands.

Typically Tandem Kayaks are used as they tend to be more stable and a bit faster.  Solo kayaks are an option, however, you’ll need to discuss this with your guide ahead of time.

Where We Meet

For trips in the Apostle Islands we meet at and launch from Little Sand Bay. 

There are changing rooms, bathrooms, and free overnight parking there. 


Little Sand Bay

Russell, WI 54814

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Apostle Islands Camping Trip

2 Days: $375 adult / 50% Off Children

3 Days: $525 adult / 50% Off Children

4 Days: $650 adult / 50% Off Children

5 Days: $775 adult / 50% Off Children

6 Days: $900 adult / 50% Off Children

Please contact us at before booking to confirm trip date availability and itinerary. 

Kids are ages 17 & under.

 Child discount does not apply in groups of two or less.


We assume everyone is a beginner.  We’ll teach, train and guide you throughout the trip — but also respect the experiences you come with.

Participants should be able to:


  1. Understand basic instructions

  2. Manage personal care and mobility

  3. Enter and exit the kayak. You should be able to maintain a balanced upright position while seated.

  4. Be comfortable in water and able to float in an upright position with a life jacket.

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Apostle Islands Camping Trip

Contact us below to set up your Apostle Islands Kayak Camping Trip

Please contact us at to begin setting up your Apostle Islands Kayak Camping Trip. 


Include the trip name, date you are looking at as well as number of children and adults in your group.

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