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About Whitecap Kayak

(and that's a good thing)

Our ability to customize each and every trip sets us apart from other kayak guiding services. Our passion to serve you sets us above.

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Your Schedule

Many kayak guiding companies have a pre-selected trip dates. We, however, let you pick the dates. You tell us what dates are the most-convenient for you, and we create a trip around your schedule.

Custom Destinations

Feeling ambitious about your multi-day apostle island kayaking trip? Sure, we can do some island-hopping and lots of site-seeing! Can hardly wait to kick back and relax? No problem-o! We’ll set up camp and make sure we get plenty of time on the beach.

Not an Assembly Line

While other guide services operate like an assembly line, we customize each sea kayaking apostle island trip, and specialize in guiding small, family-sized groups.

We Provide the Gear

No need to bring a bunch of stuff with you; we’ll provide you with one of our excellent guides, a trusty sea kayak, and the gear to go with it. (Let us know if you need camping gear.) Yep, it’s all included for free! (You pack your own undies though.)

SKUK Sea Kayak

Smart Matching

Although we specialize in custom trips, sometimes people like to join an existing trip. When that happens, we make sure we pair you with people who share your interests and skill-level.

We Mentor Youth

The heart and soul of Whitecap Kayak is to train up youth to become the responsible, hospitable, and knowledgable guides you’ll meet on your trip. They go through months (even years) of book work and hands-on training before they can become certified senior guides.


We’re heavy in instruction, so we have a very high level of certification in our company. Check out what it means when we say many of our guides are ACA-certified.

Group Discounts

We want to provide you with an enjoyable and affordable experience. Save some greenbacks and ask us about our group discounts.

No Experience Necessary

No experience is necessary for any of our trips. And safety is our highest priority. So before your trip, we’ll spend about a half hour getting you up to speed on the basics of kayaking (and what to do in the rare case that you take a little spill).


Meet our Guides
Dr. Neal Schroeter.jpg

Dr. Neal Schroeter

"No Wasted Movement"

Dr. Neal is the founder and director of Whitecap Kayak and dreamed of the idea for the company while doing medical missions in Nepal. He came home and started teaching teens in his church youth group to kayak, and thus Whitecap Kayak was born.  He is an ACA Level 4 Coastal Kayak Instructor Trainer; L5 Coastal Kayak Instructor and an L4 Whitewater instructor. Outside of kayaking, Neal is a full time ER doctor,  marathoner,  professional gorp maker, and a chocolate enthusiast.


Josh Gundlach

"Osh Josh"

Joshua has been with Whitecap for the past 8 years with many certifications including: L4 ACA coastal sea kayak instructor, ACA L3 whitewater kayak instructor, is currently an IT  Candidate, and is a yellow belt in Krav Maga. When not on the water, Joshua is an avid camper, photographer, hunter, and loves getting out to explore every nook and cranny in Wisconsin.   


Blessing Reto

Dr. LeaAnn Schroeter.jpg

Dr. LeaAnn Schroeter

LeaAnn is co-founder of Whitecap Kayak (and wonderful wife to Neal). She has paddled kayaks since long boats were used for whitewater and paddles had a 90 degree feather. She has since “retired” from paddling whitewater, but loves to teach beginners on simple rapids. She works as a pediatrician and is an ACA Coastal Kayak Level 3 instructor.


David Wallis

"Not Josh"

David has been with Whitecap for 2 years and first received his ACA instructor certification in 2021. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering  and aspires to design recreational outdoor gear. Along with his studies, "Not Josh" is an avid cyclist and enjoys sailing in his free time. Catch him out in the islands camping or on the water guiding, doing what he loves. 


Sophia Malmberg

Josh Clark.jpeg

Josh Clark

"Posh Josh"

Josh is co-owner of Whitecap and started sea kayaking in Door County, Wisconsin.  He first received his ACA instructor certification in 2013.  Josh works in e-commerce and real estate in Ashland where he and his wife Britta also help operate True North Sailing Charters. Josh is a certified Level 4 ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor.

Mark Silver.jpg

Mark Silver

Mark is a long time sea kayaker and a certified Level 3 ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor who can help you with your paddling skills as well as show you around Lake Superior and one of his inland favorites, the Gile Flowage. Mark loves living in the U.P. and sharing the outdoors. In the summer if he’s not paddling he’s probably fishing for muskies or smallmouth bass, spending time with his wife, Margaret, or working on his whitewater boating skills.  Ask him about his grandsons.


Tamarack Matza

Britta Clark

Britta Clark

Britta has been put in canoes and kayaks since she was first walking! She has gone along to help on guided trips since she was probably 12 years old and hasn’t stopped since! She loves whitewater and sea kayaking, and is an ACA Level 4 Coastal Kayak instructor. Britta works as an RN in the Emergency Department and is working toward becoming a nurse mid-wife. She lives in Ashland, and loves being at the doorway to the Apostle Islands!

The Junior Guides.jpg

The Junior Guides

And meet our many Junior Guides. Whitecap Kayak is a business with a purpose to mentor youth in leadership and interpersonal relationship skills. Paddlers on our trips universally are impressed with their maturity and how delightful it is to have them along to help. A woman this past season exclaimed, “I now have a new hope for today’s youth!” As for our Junior Guides – “Wow, this is a great summer job! I get to kayak & camp, and get paid for it.”

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