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ACA Trip Leader Course

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore,  Dates to be announced!  Please email us for updates.

The ACA Trip Leader Training Course and Trip Leader Assessment are meant to prepare people to lead other paddlers either recreationally or professionally in a coastal kayak environment, such as what the Apostle Islands offer. The emphasis is on leadership and group management while utilizing the appropriate level of sea kayaking skills.

In addition to or aside from the official Trip Leader assessment, this will be a fun, exciting trip and a great learning vacation for anyone who has some sea kayaking experience and just enjoys learning more!

Those who want ACA recognition for completing the Assessment, must first compete an L3 or L4 Skill Assessment, which is usually a 1 day course.

We’ll be leaving and finishing at Little Sand Bay, with reservations to camp on Sand Island and Rocky Island (2 nights).  We’ll likely stop on York and Raspberry Islands, with hopes of circumnavigating Devil’s Island.

This will be mainly an L3 Trip Leader Course, though, if we have conditions, we can make this an L4 Trip Leader course for those who are ready.

Cost is $500 ($400 for full-time students). Food will be provided by Whitecap Kayak. Kayaks and gear if needed is also included in the price.


The course will be led by Dr. Neal Schroeter – L5 Instructor and L4 Instructor Trainer.


Sea-Kayaking-Lake-Superior 1:17.jpeg
Whitecap Kayak Trip Leader Course on the Apostle Islands

$500 per adult

$100 student discount

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