Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Course Description

“Learn the skills to prevent medical problems; reduce suffering and save lives in non-traditional medical settings”

➢ Earn your Advanced Wilderness Life Support certification
➢ Learn the latest practical hands-on wilderness medicine skills for patient assessment, treatment and evacuation protocols
➢ Practice your skills in live scenarios with our expert instructors
➢ Obtain up to 20.5 hours of category 1 CME*
➢ Receive Wilderness Medical Society Fellowship credits

Course Objectives

Course Faculty

Neal Schroeter MD

Emergency Medicine,

Memorial Medical Center (AdventureMed Lead Instructor)

Emergency Medicine / Pediatrics

Memorial Medical Center 

LeaAnn Schroeter MD

To provide a practical foundation in Wilderness Medicine for medical professionals.

To teach patient assessment and treatment guidelines for life support until definitive care or evacuation is available

To train the provider in methods for managing medical and trauma emergencies and urgencies in the wilderness when evacuation is unavailable or unnecessary

Onsite Sign-in

There will be onsite sign in for the course on Thursday from 11:30-12:00. The course will be held at Whitecap Kayak, 930 E Cloverland (Hwy.2) Ironwood, MI.

Sign-in is required so that we have an accurate record of your attendance for CME credits.  The textbook is available at the website as a digital download. You will be emailed a registration confirmation with the password to access the download.

The printed version of the textbook is also available for purchase from Amazon, if you would like a copy of the text shipped to you in advance of the course.

Topics Include:

 Patient assessment
 Trauma
 Medical problems
 Infectious disease
 Head, Ear, Eye, Nose, Throat, Skin
 Animal & Insect Bites
 Musculoskeletal injuries

 Wound management
 Water treatment
 Hyperthermia, hypothermia & frostbite
 Medical kits
 Lightning

Course Schedule


12:15 Patient Assessment
12:45 Wound Management
1:45 Medical Problems (Small group session)
2:45 Break to outdoors
3:00 Hands-On Teaching
Patient Assessment
Spine stabilization, moving injured patient
Splinting & Dislocations
Litters and Carries
6:30 End of day


8:30 Lightning
9:00 Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, Frostbite
10:00 Break
10:15 Altitude Illness
10:45 Animal Bites & Stings
11:45 Break for Lunch
1:00 Infectious Disease Discussion Groups
2:00 Dive Medicine
3:00 Hands on teaching- Victim Scenarios
6:00 End of Day


8:30 AM Avalanche
9:00 Medical Kits
9:30 Water disinfection
10:00 Break
10:15 HEENTS
11:15 Submersion
11:45 Break for Lunch
1:00 PM AWLS Practical Testing Scenarios
4:30 AWLS Written Exam
5:30 End of Course

ACA Trip Leader Course
Advanced Wilderness Life Support Course
Started Sep 21

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